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Last Thursday at UWF, both Students for Life and College Republicans enjoyed a personal audience with next fall’s Florida candidate for Senate, George Lemieux. Both groups were free to geometry homework help ask the candidate any question that concerned them. Some of the questions asked included:

“What are your ideas for solving the social security crisis?”

“What is your stance on pro-life issues?”

“How do you vote on legislation?”

“What can we the people do to get our nation going in the right direction?”

You can read about his ideas and stances regarding these topics by going to his website:

While Students for Life is not a political group, we do participate in political events to advance pro-life legislation. I highly, highly encourage you to do your homework, look at the voting records for the candidates in your voting district and vote in TRULY, AUTHENTICALLY pro-life leaders. When we do not vote or essays for sale when we vote out of ignorance, we do a great disservice to our country as well as those who fought for the freedoms we so often take for granted. Remember, if a candidate does not recognize the dignity and worth of human life (no matter the age), that candidate has no moral compass to make responsible legislation regarding other issues.

*Candidates that support “reducing the number of abortions” are NOT PRO-LIFE. A little bit of killing is still killing. We cannot afford to compromise on the most basic of values.*

Bill Nelson has been a Florida Senator since 1972! He has promoted anti-life bill after anti-life bill amongst other bad legislation! We cannot afford to allow career politicians like Bill Nelson to stay in power because of ignorance of the damage they create. After meeting with George Lemieux, I know for certain that he is truly 100% pro-life and pro-America. Because of his unwillingness to compromise on the pay someone to write essay uk most basic of rights, he is also unwilling to compromise on responsible long-term solutions that will be good for Florida and good for the United States. Do your homework and vote smart!

If you would like to get involved with supporting pro-life leaders and legislation, please come to our next group meeting Thursday at 3PM in the room 260 of the Commons.

If you would like to help pro-life candidate George Lemieux replace pro-abortion Senator Bill Nelson next fall, go to his website and sign up to help out with his campaign! Click here to sign up for volunteer opportunities

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