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How to come up with and develop interesting characters


Give the character a fear that can be an obstacle. Everyone is afraid of something, so fear will make the character more real. In addition, it will add a specific threat to the story. Indicate on the character's worksheet his or her main fear.

For example, pay for paper Alice is afraid of losing her parents forever. In addition, she is afraid of leaving her hometown, but without that she cannot find her parents.


Identify the character's motivation and desires. Each character should have a motivation with which their desires are closely related. This will write my capstone paper for me help move the story forward. Think about what the character might want in terms of logic.

If you've already come up with a plot, determine the motivation based on the plot. What is the main conflict? What is the character lacking? That will probably be his motivation.

In Alice's case, the motivation may be a desire to find her parents. She also probably wants to prove that she is a talented witch.


Ask questions of the character to provide development. Make a list of questions you can ask the character, or find sample questions online. Go through the whole list and give answers from the character's point of view. Answers should college homework help be based on his background, personality type, and desires.

Examples of questions: "What is your favorite food?", "Do you have pets?", "What is your relationship with your family?", "What do you want to accomplish in five years?", "What is your first childhood memory?", "What would be your dream job?", "Who do you trust the most?", "What does your bedroom look like?"

For example, Alice's favorite food might be homemade popcorn, since she really likes the salty-sweet taste. Perhaps she has a red cat and a black cat.

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