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Current Popular Music Genres

I. Pop Music:

Pop music is a genre of contemporary music and is very popular in the popular music industry. This term does not exactly indicate a particular genre of music or sound, but the meaning varies greatly depending on the time period in its history and the different places in the world.

Pop is the most popular music genre

In the popular music industry, Pop music is often distinguished from other genres by a number of artistic stylistic features such as dance or beat rhythms, simple melodies that are easy to listen to, along with some passages in the song. is repeated.

Lyrics in pop music often talk about love, emotion and dance. As popular music (popular) nowadays in most songs such as Celine Dion, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Brandy... Pop focuses more than Rock on melody and rhythm, the sound is also softer.

II. Country music (country)

First of all, we can immediately understand that "Country music" is country music. When the sounds and tunes emerge, one can imagine the vast green grasslands – with the cowboys of the West roaming. Strictly speaking, Country music is associated with a cowboy culture. Country music was born in the US based on Southern upland music, influenced by other music systems such as Blues, Jazz. This type of music usually has a melancholy melody.

Country music reminiscent of Western cowboys

The origin of Country music is the folk songs that immigrants from England, Scotland, and Ireland brought to the Appalanchian mountains in South America in the 18th-19th centuries.

Stream music, don't need many instruments, sometimes just a guitar; people are still singing. Simple content, common themes in Country music are small philosophies about life, the life of workers, loneliness or beliefs and relationships in the family.

Nowadays, to meet the tastes of listeners, producers often mix Country with Pop and Rock music, which has partly made listeners, especially young people, difficult to recognize and distinguish each type of music. However, it is also thanks to them that Country music does not fall into oblivion.

III. Rock'n'roll:

Also known as Rock'N' Roll, born Elvis Presley in the 50s.

Fast and strong tempo are adjectives when talking about rock

Based on the tempo of all three previous types of music (Blues, Jazz, Country), but Rock has a strong and fast tempo, often using electronic instruments.

Rock pays more attention to the sound effects of the instruments than to the vocals.

“Folk rock” (folk rock) is a kind of light rock like “slow-rock”, “soft-rock”…

“Hard rock” is a type of heavy rock with an intense tempo and a loud, high-pitched sound. The same genre is “heavy rock”, “heavy metal”.

All the famous bands of the 60s started with Rock and Roll music. These are the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Kinds, The Who, Manfred Mann, The Animals.

IV. R&B Music

R&B stands for Rhythm & Blues. It can also be said that R&B is a big branch of the Blues genre that has existed for a long time. R&B originated in the African diaspora, arose in the early 20th century and became a popular music in many countries around the 40s.

The 60s were the golden age of R&B music

That was also the time when Africans were captured and brought to the Americas, concentrated in the South, and then they had mass migrations to Central, North, and West America. R&B has grown with them throughout the Americas. The first official recordings were made in 1938, and by the 1960s, names like B.B. King, James Brown…

Around the same time, R&B divided into 3 main streams: Chicago Soul, Motown Sound and Southern Style, which developed quite strongly. The 60s can also be called the golden age of this music genre.

V. Dance Music

Dance music – music of dances

Dance music (also known as dance music, dance music, floor music) is music often used to dance, dance is the main, but people can also use it to listen to, integrate...


Jazz music is a feature of American culture

Jazz is an indigenous culture that was originally unique to Americans and was created by Americans. Western and African music is where the seeds for Jazz are sown, but it is American culture where Jazz sprouts and develops.

Jazz is not white music, nor is it black music, it is a story of customs, heritage and philosophy. Time passed and this musical exchange gave birth to Jazz.

VII. Music Blues

Along with Jazz music, Blues music has its roots in black American work, religious and folk songs that were initiated by black Americans in the early 20th century. Blues music is quite sad, hence the name. Blues (sad). This type of music is often performed by trumpets and melodies.

Blues music recognizes two distinct styles

The origins of the Blues are not simply as certain as carved in stone. In a few years, many standards of melody and harmony were established, and these standards were and are still widely performed. Blues can be very sad, happy, slow, fast, wordless, song… and even any music written by artists.

The history of Blues vocals is divided into two halves. Each half represents a different phase. The first half spans the late nineteenth century to the 1930s. This half records two distinct styles of Blues singing. The first style can be considered as Country or Rural-Blues while the other style is labeled as City or Urban-Blues.

Country Blues is sung by men with simple instruments and accompaniments. Blues singers at that time often only had the guitar as the only instrument to accompany them. The lyrics are also very simple and the music is really rustic and unrefined. City Blues music includes vocals by male and female singers.

The music here is more elegant and sophisticated than country blues. Instead of a simple background music, city country singers can also use a small dance group to accompany. Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Chippie Hill are the most famous singers in this style. Blues are used extensively in all types of popular music.

IIX. Flamenco

Flamenco is an art form with bold style typical of Spanish culture, synthesized from three genres: Cante, song; Baile, the dance, and Guitarra, the guitarist. When we first listen to Flamenco, it's easy to think that it's just simple melodies mixed in rhythm with dancers with layered skirts, but it's really a unique art form and full of vibes. art.

Vibrant flamenco music

The Gypsies of Southern Spain are considered to be the creators, but Spanish folk songs and dances, and the intermingling of cultures over the centuries have contributed directly and indirectly for the formation of Flamenco. Early Flamenco was just the sounds and claps to the tune, later there were guitar performances. Unlike European choreography, Flamenco has an oriental touch.

Dancers through their movements and demeanor must be able to convey the ideas, feelings and content of the song. Rhythms are combined with technical footwork, so dancers' shoes are often special with lots of studs in the soles. The dancer's clothes are multi-layered, tight-fitting skirts to enhance her graceful and flexible posture.

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