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Bringing more of the benefits of
breast milk to more babies. 

Cell Cultured Human Milk

Functional breast milk inspired ingredients for early-life nutrition.

We're using our patented breakthrough mammary biotechnology to make human milk outside the body. Our goal is simple: nourish healthier babies by bringing more of the benefits of breast milk to early-life nutrition products!

From functional components that humanize infant formula to a whole human milk product that fully supports infant growth and development, BIOMILQ is preparing products that leverage the potential of mammary cell culture. 

Women-owned & science-led with a vision to revolutionize early-life nutrition. 


We're working to bridge the nutritional gap between breast milk and traditional infant formula by adding functional human milk components to early-life nutrition products.  

Why do we need human milk made outside the body?

Breast milk is among the most incredible substances known to nature – a dynamic blend of nutritional and functional components that can turn a newborn infant into a thriving child. 

But getting enough of it into our babies is a challenge that catches many of us off guard.


Reasons as to why a parent cannot or chooses not to breastfeed could go on and on, ranging from issues with milk supply and unsupportive work policies all the way to breast cancer survivors and adoptive parents. 

exclusive bfing at 6 months (11)_edited.png

Babies breastfed in the US, CDC Breastfeeding Report Card, 2022


Most parents switch to infant formula before the recommended period of exclusively breastfeeding.  We know infant formula is safe and effective for supporting our babies' growth, but it is fundamentally limited in its ability to replicate the developmental benefits of human milk. 

It is critical that these products incorporate the most cutting-edge human milk research and enable breakthrough technologies that can bring more of the benefits of breast milk to more babies. 


BIOMILQ is developing technology to make human milk outside the body, produced from mammary cells. We’re revolutionizing early-life nutrition by bringing more of the benefits of breast milk to more babies. 

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