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Bioauthentic human milk ingredients for better human health.

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Unlocking human potential with

mammary biotechnology.

BIOMILQ is combining the unmatched capabilities of human mammary cells with a scalable biomanufacturing process to produce human milk ingredients that promote gut, immune, and brain health.

We are working to implement our ingredients into a range of existing products including infant formula. 

A partnership with BIOMILQ puts you at the forefront of human milk research and innovation. We are seeking partners to support our R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization efforts!

Advancing human health from birth and beyond.

Human Milk Components
Milk Droplet

Human milk contains an expansive reservoir of bioactive molecules that have the potential to benefit human health across the lifespan.

However, there is no way to produce many of these molecules today due to the limitations of current production methods.


Many human milk molecules have countless benefits for human health because of their bioactive properties. These benefits range from anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial support to prebiotic properties and pro-regenerative effects throughout the body. 


Only human mammary cells can unlock the complexity of human milk. 


Women-owned & science-led with a vision to revolutionize

human health. 

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