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Nutrition of breastmilk

Practicality of formula

We’re done making trade-offs between our baby’s health, our wellbeing, and the environment.



Breastfeeding is hard for most & impossible for many.


In fact, nearly 4 out of 5 moms have to stop breastfeeding before the recommended six months. That means the vast majority of us are turning to dairy-based formula.  And that means many of us feel forced into a serious trade-off as formula lacks the critical nutrients of breastmilk and carries a heavy environmental burden. 


There has to be a better way. 


We’re making that better way possible. 



BIOMILQ aims to provide comprehensive & sustainable infant nutrition.


We’re working to produce cultured human breastmilk using  patent pending technology in order to  offer families a more nutritious and more sustainable option for feeding babies.



We’re women owned, science led and mother centered.


We’re committed to creating a better infant nutrition alternative so moms can feel confident providing whole nutrition for their babies with less negative on the environment.  


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We’re about creating awesome infant nutrition, not selling data, so we promise we’ll never sell your information.

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