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About Us

Unlocking human potential with mammary biotechnology.

Company History 


Leila, our CEO, experienced the difficulties of breastfeeding. At the same time, she was finishing her post-doc using cell culture to model other aspects of human physiology; the idea to make milk outside the body was born.

Leila and Levi

Leila with her son Levi, 2009


Leila co-founded BIOMILQ in January of 2020. Six months later, they closed a seed round of $3.5M led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV). 


BIOMILQ began to build out its team. They closed a Series A funding round at $21M, co-led by Novo Holdings and BEV, and soon after moved into a larger facility that can support rigorous bioprocess and cell line development.



BIOMILQ developed the world’s most productive proprietary mammary cell bank by completing an IRB-approved research study, where over 300 women of all backgrounds and stages of lactation donated their breast milk.


BIOMILQ developed multiple optimized cell lines for production and validated their system’s unmatched potential. Additionally, they developed strong strategic partnerships and made crucial steps towards scaling and optimizing their bioprocess. 


BIOMILQ Scientist, 2022, photo by CNN


BIOMILQ at a glance

$24.5M capital raised

from industry leading investors

25 team members

with expertise in human milk, cell line development, and engineering

5 patents

with 38 pending applications, across 13 markets

60+ cell donors

from women of all backgrounds and stages of lactation

6+ cell lines

optimized for target production of human milk components

Lead program poised

for impact

& a versatile platform to produce various milk components

Transforming lactation research

Human milk is incredible! It is the optimal source of nutrition for babies, and there is enormous potential to expand upon its capabilities to impact human health beyond birth.

Human milk and lactation research has historically been underfunded and understudied, which is unfortunately the case for all women's health research. 

Human Milk Components
Human Milk Droplet
Cell Culture Hood

BIOMILQ has a breast milk bank from more than 300 women who donated their milk during an IRB-approved research study.  BIOMILQ is utilizing these donations to conduct research on the intricate composition of human milk and its nutritional and functional components.

We are rooted in science and deeply committed to the discovery and development of research that will transform the human milk and lactation space. 

Awards and Recognitions

Food Tech 500
Edison Awards
Fast Company
Global Social Innovation
NC Small Business Program
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