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We're on
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Unlocking human potential
with breakthrough
mammary biotechnology


Our proprietary bank of human mammary cells lays the foundation for all future work. 

Our technology provides key features of the mammary gland, creating the appropriate environment for the cells to make milk!

We are optimizing our bioprocess for scale-up and are developing a cost-effective production process.

We are resourced for success with a cutting edge research facility and a world-class team. 

From the donated cells, we have created multiple cell lines with extended lifespans to thrive outside the body.

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The cells, isolated from donated breast milk, come from over 70 women of all backgrounds and lactation stages.

Human mammary cells can produce components only found in breast milk and are uniquely beneficial to the human body.

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Human mammary cells are uniquely capable of producing the most functional forms of breast milk components.

Our Journey

It all started over a decade ago when our co-founder and CEO, Dr. Leila Strickland, experienced firsthand the struggle to breastfeed her children. At the time, she was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford using cell culture to model other aspects of human physiology. She felt there had to be a solution to getting more of the benefits of breast milk to more babies and began experimenting with milk biosynthesis.


CEO of BIOMILQ, Dr. Leila Strickland, with her son Levi, 2009

Fast forward to 2020, BIOMILQ was founded, and a powerful team of innovators passionate about the future of early-life nutrition was formed. We are on track to launch a never-before-possible product of functional human milk components that will bring more of the benefits of breast milk to more babies. 


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Our Growth 

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Our Science

Learn how BIOMILQ is revolutionizing early-life nutrition.


We're here for the parents who breastfeed, the parents who pump, the parents who formula feed, and everyone in between.


Photo of BIOMILQ scientist provided by CNN.

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